By Ola Sam Iyanu

At a time or another, in human life, people would encounter a challenge or another. Individuals react differently to challenges.
A combination of setbacks and reactions makes or mar an individual.

Studies have shown that once every 40 seconds, an individual ends his or her own life, and for every person who loses the battle against suicide, 20 more have attempted suicide unsuccessfully.
If you have been going through a depressed state and contemplate suicide times, as a result of a major setback, failed examination, heartbreak... the list goes on; Nothing in this life is worth exchanging one's life for.

Oftentimes, depression and suicidal thoughts creep into folks' minds because they tend to overly ponder on issues that pose a serious danger.  A sort of mental reality is formed and this in turn shape's the person's worldview making them live all by themselves in a world of their own. The solo thought patterns begin to play and the individual becomes withdrawn. Depression creeps in, suicide creeps in.

Friends, we're built to surmount whatever mountain or obstacle life places before us. Like it is said that computers are built to understand in 0s and 1s, life has been embedded with ups and downs, these bring out the real essence in life. We encounter tension and resolve, rainy and dry season (typical in Nigeria), happy and sad times, broke and buoyant times... All these are pointers for all to believe that situations are not permanent. Thoughts that cloud the mind of the depressed soul falsely suggest that suicide (false resolution) is the way out of depression (Tension).

The world awaits the many potentials in everyone. Hold on, for you would smile tomorrow when you look in the past and see that you never took the wrong turn.