Feminism has done much good to women folks, but looking at it from another view it's destroying some well-defined cultural values, most women have a wrong understanding of feminism and some write-up and post from some ladies look as if women are at war against the men.

My own definition of feminism is "having equal rights and opportunities with the men". Although the above definition is subject to criticism. Feminism in this light has helped many women get out of the kitchen well not packing out completely but helping them to achieve greater things outside cooking skills, women are doing great in the education sector, they are creating an impact in different companies with their ability and skills, thriving in the business sector and boosting economy even the men will agree with me on these points. Despite the great exposure that feminism has given to women, some women still, have some fallacy about the concept of feminism which inturns brought failure into so many relationships and marriages.

Equality as a tenet of feminism posits that relationship should be where two people work together to achieve a common goal based on mutual desires but unfortunately women who have gotten their feminist view of being always right, proud to say sorry because they are at equal with the man and has turned the relationship into having the last say in all situation, being rude and disrespectful and having the "I don't care attitude" as the new drama of being a feminist, fearless and strong woman. They have become so independent that they forgot how relationships are built based on mutual understanding should work, they see the relationship as a competition rather than what it ought to be.

Feminism has also increased the level of promiscuity, if he can cheats I can too, if he sleeps around I can do the same if a man can go out to have a one night stand I should do that too etc. Women are forgetting values, I am not in support of men misbehaving but an eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind, and if women keep encouraging promiscuity then where's the start of a good relationship.

The wrong view Feminism, has been responsible for rampant divorce in our society today, I'm not talking about women who are excessively abused, I am talking about the women who opt for divorce because the man doesn't do the chores, being equal does not mean you push your partner off the platform but to work together to create a better relationship. Little misunderstanding and the solution is divorce because there are folks cheering her on that she doesn't need to be controlled even if their idea of "being controlled" means probably the man wants something but she feels she's been pressured. Single ladies with a bad wave of feminism in relationship treat men like a tool, experiencing multiple breakups and still wondered why they are single, then at 40 they had visited every religious place to pray for a husband, there's war in the heart of some women against the man that marriage has been canceled from their plans.

Do not get feminism wrong, do not support the bad wave of feminism, let equality be about working together to create great relationships, to build a better economy, to bring about great values, discipline and moral principles not pushing men off the platform, to enslave them. (Eunice Owa)