When I was a child, I worried about a lot of things like what my mum would cook for dinner, what my friends in school would say about my new shoe, birthday parties, playing with my neighbor's toys and the list goes on and on.

Then I began to grow, I worried about how I looked, what hair I should make, I frowned at my parent's decision cause I felt I was old enough to decide, most times I do not get to have my way. No birthday parties! No male friends! All I get is "study and make me proud".  Getting good grades became my goal and anytime I achieve it I feel good! Though that feeling does not last long as I felt my teenage wishlist is still unchecked.

University came and I was so happy that I am free but guess what, oh no you guessed wrong I didn't do anything than facing my studies (of course I love to study), I poured my energy into education but then my worry took another  dimension, I wanted more than education, I felt incomplete, my social life was okay but I wanted more, I wanted more than just being a face, I wanted more than just being a woman, I wanted more than just being a holder of certificates.

Knowing what I want gives me the confidence to prepare for the future: to the big question WHAT DO YOU WANT?

What do you want is a question that you need to ask yourself, being worried is not enough knowing what you want, how you want it and where you want it is needed to help you prepare!