Dating underage girls

I have heard a lot of stories that involve dating underage girls. It has its pros and cons but most times it's not in favor of the "underage girls".
In the 19th century, dating is an exaggerated word in Africa, as an arranged marriage is common and the irrelevance of a girl-child education adds up to early marriage. Civilization and exposure brought dating to the spotlight: before our mind starts arguing with what is right or wrong concerning the topic, there are different views as to what dating means. Dating could be a hangout, picnic, pleasing moments, friendship, etc. It might involve sexual intimacy... Now we are here!
Men of 20 - 25 years finds pleasure to date 14-16years old, in most cases not for the fun and picnics but for sexual reasons, using deceptive words to win them over knowing that most of them are not emotionally stable, having sex with these girls and dumping them complicates a lot of things like depression, teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted disease.

There are countries with laws against having sex with underage girls and there are some who careless as you hear phrases like "love cuts across all ages". Seriously, men let our girls grow to decide what they want, don't introduce their young minds into what they cannot handle.